Monday, May 6, 2013

Cater Ledge, Three Sisters, & Mt Chocorua 5/4/2013

This hike came about from a collaboration of ideas by a couple friends. Saturday was definitely looking like nothing other than a views hike would fit the bill. The final decision for peaks was Carter Ledge, Middle Sister, Chocorua and Blue. It was to be a traverse using the Carter Ledge Tr., Middle Sister Tr., Piper Tr., Liberty Tr., and finally Hammond Tr. out. On the drive up the tone was set at Chocorua Lake.

And by the lake we get the tale.

We started out together on the Carter Ledge Tr. but Greg and Brian broke off at the first junction with the Middle Sister Tr. as they were the only 2 interested in hitting Blue Mountain. Bye guys, you'll be missing the fun. :)

Desi, Becky and I continued on the Carter Ledge Trail. It was not too long before we were treated with views like these. 

As has been described in a couple reports as of late, the Carter Ledge Trail is views overload.

From Carter Ledge summit we threw a shout-out to Greg and Brian on Blue.

Now it was time to head for the real fun section of the Carter Ledge Tr., the scrambles.

And the the views from there.
Higher up on the Carter Ledge Tr. we had more great views and a good look at our second target, Middle Sister. Actually I think the photo is of North Sister.

Before long we met up with Brian and Greg on Middle Sister who somehow beat us there. I believe it was because we had much more to look at along the way. ;) We had the summit all to ourselves for a nice long lunch break to savor the great views from there.

Next up Chocorua. 

Enjoying great views along the way.

Nearing the summit we saw something I've never seen while hiking before, a goat.

Turns out he was the hiking companion of 3 young women. I never found out what the story was but his name is Walter. 

Then finally the grand prize, Mt Chocorua summit.

Which was pretty crowded on this simply gorgeous spring day.

But I was somehow oblivious to them. I'd only been on Chocorua twice prior. Once when I was 14 and remember next to nothing about the hike. And in July of 2010 on a very hazy day. No contest to this day.
Compare this photo to the one from Saturday. Just realized it's exact same shot. What are the odds.

Being able for the first time, to really enjoy what Chocorua had to offer, seemed to make the crowd on the summit insignificant. What magnificent views.

We finally did have leave. So we headed off on the Liberty Tr. first stopping at Jim Liberty Cabin.

Then a final look back to where we were early in the morning (Cater Ledge) from Weetamoo Rock and a last look at Chocorua. Man that is one photogenic mountain.

It just doesn't get any better that!


  1. Wow! That is truly amazing that you met 3 women hiking with a goat, or was it the other way around? :-)

    Great report, and super-awesome photos!

    Oh! And yes, you're 100% correct with your statement about "the Carter Ledge Trail is views overload"!


  2. Thanks John. We could not have picked a better hike for such a gorgeous day.

  3. Great report and photos, Joe! What a day you had for the grand tour of Chocorua. How did Brian and Greg like Blue? Not much for views, but an interesting little peak.

    I've seen a house cat on the trail with its owner (near Mt. Bond, of all places), but never a goat!


  4. Thanks Steve. It was the perfect day to explore what Chocorua has to offer. I think the guys did find a small view towards the Presi's on Blue. Which is a peak on their personal hiking a list, I'd no interest in. At least not when I have a choice between Carter Ledge and it. ;)

    I've always wondered if anyone takes their cats on hikes. :)

  5. Just did this route this past weekend 09-14-13. What a truly awesome hike with amazing views.

  6. Hahaha! My friend and I are attempting this loop this weekend and I was just doing some research and stumbled upon your blog. Coincidentally that is my friend in your picture and also Walter Moonboot's mom! Walter was a very stubborn pygmy goat who enjoyed hiking and preferred humans to other goats. Sadly, Walter recently passed away, but glad to see his legend lives on! :)