Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making the most of a Vacation day in Lincoln, NH 1/28/14

I'm up for the week for a much needed vacation. Arrived Sunday. Skied Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I was looking to change it up a bit. So the first destination was The Basin. But on the way I had to make this stop. I've no idea how many photos I have of this but I love the sunrise on Moosilauke from the bridge at Loon.

Once at The Basin it was a quick in and back to Baby Flume, taking photos along the way. And I mean quick. Did not dress warm enough for this short walk. I believe the temp. was 4* when I got there. Here's a few of the main features along the way.

Next, 3 hours of skiing at Loon. Loon is my favorite ski resort in New Hampshire.

A twist on the boot shot. 8)

Now it was time for the most time consuming part of the day, a hike up Loon. I had 2 primary and 2 secondary objectives. First, Loon's Ponds. I've been going to Loon for 30 years in several capacities but never checked out Loon Pond. And not 'til reading one of Steve Smith's Blogs, did I know there was a Little Loon Pond. So at about 1:00 P.M., I set out. Enjoying the views along the way. 

It took me about an hour to get to Little Loon Pond.

Form these ledges at the north end of the pond,

You get limited NW views.
Super-zoomed Cannon

Now I headed for Loon Pond. There is a trail, off one of the ski trails, that goes to it.

It crosses under the Tote Road Ski Lift to South Peak.

Then, Loon Pond. Which is used partly for snow-making at Loon. And is also Lincolns water supply. Through the trees you can just see the actual summit of South Peak. Which I will be getting to. :(

I walked to the other side and had a good view of lower Franconia Ridge.

Now for the bad. A couple friends need South Peak for one of their hiking lists. While on the chair-lift Monday, I thought I saw hard woods most of the way up to the summit of  S. Peak. They heard it was a nasty bushwhack. So I thought I'd check it out for them. I also noticed on G.E., just east of the summit, what appeared to be a bald spot that might yield views. Long story short, there were a lot of birch but what I couldn't see form a distance was the ocean of young spruce that blanketed the forest floor. From the moment I started the bushwhack, 'til I came out, this is what I had. Just plain brutal.

I gave up on the summit and went for that bald spot, which turned out to be a bog surrounded by 20' trees. No views. :(

Very cold and wet now, I made a beeline for the pond. Now in twilight. 

I think the bushwhack was about 1 mile RT. And I think it took a little over an hour and a half. The trip down on solid ground was a breeze. With some nice colors along the way.
It was real quiet on the slopes now.

And by 5:30, I was done.

Now that was one, looong day.  :-)