Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flume Gorge 2/19/2012

It's been a while since I've posted anything new on the blog so I figured it was time. This will just be a short report of a hike I did at the Flume on Sunday 2-19-12. There will be no history lesson here as I'm sure everyone who has visited NH has visited the Flume and knows what it's all about. The photos in this report are from a couple different hikes in there.
I was looking for a short hike on this Sunday morning to work off a great breakfast at Pegs in Woodstock. I figured the loop at the Flume would work nicely. The Flume makes for an outstanding short hike in winter. I did the loop counter clockwise stopping at the Gorge first. It just amazes me at the amount of ice that forms on the walls of the Gorge during the course of the winter.
That being as it is, makes the Flume a very popular spot for ice climbers. I was talking to one of the climbers a couple years ago and he said the Flume is also very popular with the beginner climbers because the walls are different heights throughout the Gorge. It's quite something to watch.
One thing I should mention is that all the signage is removed in winter, as is a large section of the catwalk through the Gorge. If you're not real familiar with it, or don't have a map, navigating  the loop may be a little confusing. Of course that's if not not heavily tracked out which it's always been for me. As you follow this loop there are several fenced paths taking you to different lookouts. The first is Liberty Gorge.
Next is Sentinel Pine Bridge Bridge and The Pool. After Flume Gorge, this is the second most significant feature. This spot is particularly beautiful and more so in winter I think. This spot has it's own interesting ice formations.
Leaving this area the next thing you come to is an interesting view of Mt Flume. Unfortunately, my 2 or 3 trips there in winter it has been in the clouds. After that and shortly before completing the loop, you pass through some good sized glacial boulders. I suppose these are a dime a dozen in NH but it never ceases to amaze me at how far these huge things have traveled.
So if you've got an hour or two to kill when your in the area in winter, I highly recommend talking this walk.