Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dream Lake & The Ledges of Bald Cap Peak 10/9/11

I'm just getting caught up on my reports from Columbus weekend. Now if you read the hiking blogs than you probaly read 1HappyHiker's. If so you will recognize this hike from one of his last posts. I did mine first though.  ;-)

I started out on the Peabody Brook Tr. around 11:00 after doing Mt Hayes.
It was yet another gorgeous day in this string of beautiful weather we'd been having.
I'd been up north since Thursday and it seemed as though the colors were brightening more each day.
This was 4 day of hiking in this fantastic weather and it almost seemed surreal to me. Not having seen a soul on most of my hikes, having all this to myself, was almost a religious experience at this point. Sorry for the deep thoughts moment. :-) Getting back to the hike, as you gain elevation on Peabody Brook Tr. there is a spot where you get some views SW.
From hear is also spotted some ledges to the west. Looking at a map it's seems to be just an unnamed bump but it looks like a good spot to whack to someday when I'm back in the area.
I've been on this trail twice before and love it. Easy grades and beautiful woods.
Once reaching the height of land the trail levels out and presents it's only bad side, standing water and mud. My first trip here was 3 years ago in spring with bog bridges in disrepair. From a couple years ago.
Since then there has been a lot of work done to the bridges. Another reason for the water is that there is a large amount of beaver activity up there. This photo is from my first trip as well.
But what these guys have been doing lately is amazing.
The trail in this area is pretty flooded by what looked like 3 dams. One primary and 2 back-ups. All of this is going on right on trail.
It appears that they actually dragged a section of bog bridge in the woods about 10 feet to help with the dam. Damn.  8)
Well the trail does eventually get dryer once past this mess. Can you still trap beaver? ;-)
I continued on Peabody Brook to my target of Dream Lake. It's a must do hike. Dream Lake is a beautifaul spot and make for a great day hike in it's self.
I stopped for lunch here, how could you not, then headed off for the ledges of Bald Cap Peak. I retraced my steps on Peabody Brook and picked a spot to go in. Finding first a great place to camp someday.
The woods here were a mix but mostly open and easy going.
As I reached the fringes of the first set of ledges that I was headed for, I saw a small cairn on the ledge. I thought of a number of reasons why it was there but later found out from 1HappyHikers report that years ago the AT used to go over the Bald Cap Peak Ledges. 
From this point is was jsut a quick descent to open ledge facing  S-SW
From hear I wanted to head north a bit to some more ledge that I'd hoped would get me views in a different direction. 
Along the way I came across another one of those cairns.
Once there, I did have views more SE.
And south
I believe I even managed to get some views bending to the north. This may be Mt Success but I'm not sure on that one.
Since I car camped the night before I was anxious to get my motel room in Gorham for a nice hot shower so I headed out. I did have to stop at just one of the beautiful cascades on Peabody Brook.
Another stop at the lookout on the trail.
One more foliage photo
And I'm done. 
It doesn't get much better than this.  :D

The Whack Tracks


  1. A truly excellent report Joe! Actually, you did a much better job than I did of documenting the hiking adventure to Dream Lake and Bald Cap Peak.

    Regarding the bit about the Appalachian Trail crossing over Bald Cap Peak once upon a time, I'm just beginning to discover that the "jury is still out" on that issue. There seems to be some evidence that a trail of some sort once headed eastward off the current-day Peabody Brook Trail and made a bee-line for the ledges on Bald Cap Peak. However, it's unclear if the Appalachian Trail itself ever followed that particular corridor. At some point, I'll be updating my Blog to reflect some further research about this issue. Stay tuned! :-)


  2. Thanks for the kind words John. I wouldn't say better, just different.

    I have an online, circa 1920, AMC guide from Google. I'll have to see if there's any mention of it in that.

    Happy Trails,

  3. Hi Joe,

    This is just as an FYI. At the bottom of my Blog Report there is now an "Addendum" relative to the statements that I made about the Appalachian Trail in the original version of my report. The link to that report is as follows:


  4. Thanks John, good info. I added a link at the botton of my blog to a page from a circa 1920 AMC guide. It's seems there was a trail that went over the ledges of Bald Cap Peak and the summit to Dream Lake. As you stated in your blog, probably not the AT. But it's interesting they mention views from the summit. Which as you, there are none now.